Light Duty Work and Workers Comp Doctor in NJ

workers comp doctor NJAccording to the law, an injured worker is expected to do the offered light duty work, when workers comp doctor NJ has released the employee to do such work. Usually the insurance provider pressures the employer to provide the injured worker with light duty work, as they need to pay less in medical benefits and temporary disability income when the employee resumes work soon after the accident.

Issues with Light Duty Work

Workers comp doctor NJ might clear the injured employee to do light duty work, but there are some issues with such assignments and the benefits due to the employee.

  • There could be discrepancy in the understanding of the term “light duty” between the employer and the workers comp doctor NJ. For instance, sprain in the lower back is a common injury at a workplace, where employees are doing heavy manual labor. The employer might assign clerical work to the employee, which may seem to be light duty compared to the previous assignment, but can in fact aggravate the condition by sitting on a chair for long hours.
  • Even if the employee is able to do the light duty clerical work physically, he may lack the skills for performing such tasks.
  • When the employee is receiving an income for light duty work, disputes might arise about income benefits.
  • If the employee has returned to work and his condition worsens, there can be problems about again claiming for the same ailment or injury.

Treatment and Maximum Recovery

1Workers comp doctor NJ will provide treatment until the employee has recovered to the maximum extent. This means, any further treatment is not going to bring about any change in the condition of the employee, and does not necessarily mean a complete recovery.

When the employee has suffered from an employment related accident, or is suffering from a repetitive stress injury, it is important to undergo the complete treatment course prescribed by the doctor and stay away from work until maximum recovery. The injured employee can ask the doctor, if the assigned light duty tasks are going to interfere with the treatment or delay the recovery.

A Final Step

If the workers comp doctor NJ, clears the injured employee for light duty work, and the employee has physical problems in completing the tasks, then he can again consult the doctor. If the doctor still insists on continuing with the light duty tasks, the employee can appeal to the New Jersey’s Division of Workers Compensation.

How to Choose the Best NJ Acupuncture Professional

Acupuncture-new-jerseyIf you’ve decided to give acupuncture a try, then of course you’ll want to work with the best NJ acupuncture professional that New Jersey has to offer. This is the person you’re going to trust to stick multiple needles into your skin – maybe even your face. It needs to be someone you’re comfortable with, trust, and get along with. The more comfortable you are, the more relaxed you’ll be, and the more effective your treatment will be.

So how do you find such a person – the perfect, best NJ acupuncture professional for you? First see if any of your friends or family can make a recommendation. If they can, add the names of those recommendations to a list. Then, do some google searching and read client reviews of acupuncture professionals in your area of NJ. After those two steps, you’ll have a good list of potential candidates to be your best NJ acupuncture professional.

1The next step is to draft a list of questions you’ll ask the acupuncturist when you’re in your first consultation with him. You’ll want to ask about his training – what degree he’s earned, what certification he has, etc. Ask about his philosophy for treatment and how long he’s been treating patients. There are many different types of acupuncture – do some research on them and then listen to how potential candidates implement the different types they use. Make sure it coincides with the kind of treatment you’re looking for – as well as the end benefit of the treatment you’re looking for.

Finally, ask any potential candidate how long he thinks treatment will take for your specific condition. If you like all of his answers, philosophy, and personality, then you’ve found the best NJ acupuncture professional – the one that is right for you.

3 Things to Consider about NJ Sciatica Treatment

sciaticaIf you live in NJ and are suffering from sciatica, you’re likely looking for any pain relief you can find. When you’re sciatic nerve root in your lower spine is pinched for some reason, it can send excrutiating shooting pain down through your buttocks and legs. It’s no fun – as you might already know. What NJ Sciatica treatment should you look for? It depends on a few factors you should consider.

What is Your Diagnosis?

Go see a spine specialist for a diagnosis. The first thing you need to do is find out if you’re suffering from a spinal condition that led to your sciatica. If you have a herniated disc or are suffering from something like spinal stenosis (a narrowing of the spinal canal), then you’ll need to see appropriate treatment for those conditions.

What is the Severity of Your Condition?

Once you know the condition causing your sciatica, your NJ sciatica treatment options will largely depend on the severity of your condition. Chiropractors may be able to help heal a herniated disc and relieve pressure on the sciatic nerve. If it’s too severe or in the case of spinal stenosis, they won’t be able to help and you may need to consider surgery.

It May Go Away On Its Own

First, unless your doctor says you have a serious condition that requires immediate treatment, you should allow the sciatica time to go away on its own – it often does. If 1you avoid sitting, strategically use ice, and perform other small self-treatments your specialist can recommend, you can help the area heal enough where the sciatica will go away on it’s own. If not, a physical therapist may also be able to help you.

Those are the major things you should consider about NJ sciatica treatment. The first step is always the same – go visit a specialist. For more information please visit

How Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression Can Save Your Life

Spinal DecompressionNon-surgical spinal decompression can save your life – both figuratively and literally. It can save your life by making your life “normal” again. If it’s successful, you’ll have less pain and you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite activities again – those you’ve recently been sidelined from. That’s how it will save your life figuratively – you won’t lose your mind from being so limited.

Now literally, how does it save your life? Well non-surgical spinal decompression options, if you have a condition causing severe pain emanating from your spine, are the last options between you and surgery. Yes, spinal surgery has come a long way in effectively decompressing the spine but there are risks – even with the best surgeon performing a flawless procedure. The wound could still get infected, leading to complications.

If your case is very serious, surgery may be your only option. But, doctors will always recommend using non-surgical spinal decompression first.

What is spinal decompression, you ask? Forget that for a few moments. “What is spinal compression?” is the question you should ask first. Spinal compression refers to your spinal nerves being compressed or “pinched” due to a condition in the spine – a herniated disc, narrowing of the spinal canal, or something else. Pinched nerves can lead to excruciating pain, as you may already know personally.

If the condition you’re suffering from is a herniated disc, one of your non-surgical treatment options will be spinal decompression. During spinal decompression in NYC, machines are used to gently pull apart the vertebrae adjacent to the damaged or slipped disc, allowing it to have room to return to it’s natural position or to allow the herniation to subside. It usually doesn’t work in one visit, although occurrences of that have been reported. It works gradually and, over the course of a few visits, allows the disc to move closer and closer to it’s original position and health.

1Spinal decompression should be complemented by other treatments to strengthen the muscles that support your spine. Ask your doctor to recommend such treatments, which could include physical therapy and prescribed exercises to do at home. These will help to support your “fixed” back and take some of the pressure off of it  – so it no longer has to do all the work.

Before deciding to go forward with spinal decompression, consult a few professionals. Hear their prices. Research their experience. Review some online forums to see what people have to say about it. It is a compelling option because it just might save you from surgery. It just might be the treatment that does the trick for you – that relieves you of your pain and lets you get back to living life. Just do the due diligence first and consult a doctor you trust to find out if you’re a good candidate for the procedure. Once you’re comfortable and want to give it a try, make the appointment. There’s no time to waste – your life, and the quality of it – are at stake.

What to Ask Your Caldwell, NJ Chiropractor Before Choosing Him

chiropractor in New JerseySo you’re scoping out the local chiropractor in your hometown of Caldwell, NJ. You’ve never visited a chiropractor before but you’re meeting more and more people raving about their chiropractors. You’re hoping your local Caldwell, NJ chiropractor can be one you brag about from now on – after he’s relieved you of your pain.

But how do you know he’s a chiropractor you want to visit? There are many different techniques chiropractors can use and many different philosophies they can have about the care they give. How do you even begin to determine if your Caldwell, NJ chiropractor uses a technique and has a philosophy that will work for you?

Begin with the basics. There are some general things you should verify with any potential chiropractor. The first thing you should do is pay the office a visit. Most chiropractors will give you a free consultation to give you general information about chiropractic and allow you to ask any questions. It’s in their best interest to give you all the answers you need to feel comfortable.

While waiting for the consultation, pay attention. Notice how long people have to wait in the waiting room. Notice how the chiropractor interacts with his patients. Is he polite? Is he funny? Is he knowledgeable? Does he match your personality? Pay attention to the staff – how they behave is also a reflection of the chiropractor. Can you see yourself enjoying coming to the office?

After scoping out the waiting room, it’s time for the consultation itself. You get to ask the chiropractor any questions you have. So make sure to have a big list ready. Ask about his philosophy towards healing through spinal manipulation. Ask how many times you’d need to see him in the beginning and in the long term. Focus on his knowledge of the spine. But also focus on his personality – make sure he’s someone you’ll get along with because, depending on how much pain you’re feeling, you may be seeing a lot of him in the beginning. A personal rapport is more important than it is with any other health professional.

Then ask a few questions about the techniques he uses. Most chiropractors know a few different techniques and will choose the best one to use for each individual patient. Also ask what kind of instruments he uses, if any. A common instrument he may use is called an activator. He may also utilize ice packs after spinal manipulation. Those are just a couple examples. Also ask what kind of adjustments he uses: high-force, low-force, or both. If both, ask how he decides which type to use in specific scenarios.

1Ask him about any experience he has working with patients that have similar issues to yours. And ask him about his years of experience in general.

After asking those questions, you should be able to gauge if he is the right chiropractor for you. And how in luck you’d be that a Caldwell, NJ chiropractor is right for you – right in your town. If he’s not, then continue your search to find the right one for you.